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Gautham (Mahesh Babu) is in search of the identity of his parents who were killed. He faces a psychological disorder which makes the search even more difficult. taking support of sameera(Kriti ) and figuring out ways to get to know what happened in the past makes the story.

After a recollection of his childhood memory in which he meets a police officer while being chased by three men, Rockstar Gautham (Mahesh Babu) kills one of the three men (Kelly Dorji) and informs the police. Inspector John Basha (Sayaji Shinde) takes him into custody. A news reporter Sameera (Kriti Sanon) who recorded the incident airs the video and shows that Gautham had imagined killing Dorji. Gautham's recollection continues and he tells the police officer that his parents were killed in a bus. Gautham is diagnosed with Integration disorder and there is 25% less gray matter in his brain. The one whom Gautham imagined is Antonio Rosarius (Kelly Dorji), a Goa based businessman and criminal. When his company seeds are identified to be harmful by a NGO member, he gets him killed.One day, while Gautham is arranging a Rubiks cube in his unique way, some men enter his house. He takes their photographs and attacks them. John Basha and media personnel arrive and Gautham leaves for the airport. At the airport, he is given three choices – Mumbai, Goa and Delhi. He assigns each place to a footstep of a child and selects the last footstep which corresponds to Goa. The woman at the counter informs Sameera. She travels to Goa and confuses him a few times. He suspects danger to her life when a few mishaps occur. She admits that she wanted to prove that he imagines other people too apart from the three killers so that he can be treated. She tells her boss that she tried to expose that Antonio's company seeds were contaminated with Hydrogen cyanide. She also tells him that the NGO member who was killed had informed her about his meeting with Antonio.He reveals that Antonio said they would be spared if the news is not telecast. Gautham sees Antonio in real but assumes to be imaginary and kills him. Gautham and Sameera find a phone number from the photos in Gautham's camera. The call is answered by a cab company owner (Nassar). Nassar tells Gautham that he feared he would kill him so he sent his men to his house to clear misunderstandings and he was a taxi driver in Goa. On that day, two people boarded his taxi and one of them was from London. They shoot Gauthams parents while he runs away. Gautham's dying father gives Nassar a pouch containing a Rubik's cube, a British coin and a key. Gautham is chased by the two assassins and Nassar urges them to spare the child. Gautham thinks that all three were the killers.Gautham takes the pouch and decides to go to London to kill the second assassin. Sameera wants to accompany him and he informs his event manager, Michael about his trip. He sends driver Gulab Singh (Posani Krishna Murali) to receive them at the airport. A fan (Naveen Polisetty) recognizes him and requests him to travel in his car but Gautham refuses. On their way, their taxi is attacked by a truck. Gautham is now suspicious of Michael but he is shot dead. Gautham finds that the Rubik's cube bears a password and a bank symbol. He finds a rice grain in the bank locker. He fends off a few bikers and gets himself arrested. Two people bail him out and one of them is Naveen. After shooting the other one in the leg, Gautham converses with Naveen. Gautham recalls that one of the murderers (Pradeep Rawat) died after getting hit by a car.Naveen reveals that he is Rawats son and is seeking revenge on Gautham. The injured one receives a call from his boss, Nassar. When Naveen says that his father was a taxi driver in Goa, Gautham realizes that Nassar was one of the killers of his parents and he killed Rawat too. Gautham confronts Nassar and he learns that his father had discovered a special rice variety called Golden Rice. When he refused to sell it, Nassar gets the seed and planned to kill Gautham's parents. Before dying, his father scribbles the password and bank symbol on the Rubik's cube. Along with a key and a coin, he gives the cube to taxi driver Rawat who hands it over to Nassar.Gautham kills Nassar and on his way back to the hotel, he observes a school bus and some kids singing a rhyme. He recollects the landmarks in a rhyme taught by his mother (Anu Hassan) and reaches his home. He finds a book with his family photos, writings and his father's name, Chandrashekhar (Anand). The rice variety developed by his father is introduced globally. The film ends with a scene where Gautham is shown standing in a field of Golden Rice

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