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Cold Hearts (1999)

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A quiet town in New Jersey possesses a dark secret. Viktoria has given her life and soul to the ways of the vampire. Now, after almost a decade of stealing blood from local hospitals and the occasional kill, Viktoria is more pessimistic than ever. Seth, a mysterious man in black, comes to town and falls for her only to find himself caught in a power struggle between her friends and another vampire clan led by her malevolent ex-boyfriend, Charles. As Charles’ vampire gang feeds upon the townspeople, Seth plots his own kind of revenge.

A bit of history: Like many teens in the 1980s, Viktoria [Marisa Ryan] was
interested in the occult. Unlike most teens, Viktoria met up with a
vampire who was willing to give her what she wanted. Her boyfriend Jake,
however, was turned at the same time as Viktoria and couldn't live with
it, so he fried himself in the sun. Viktoria maintains herself on blood
purchased from a bloodbank employee who runs a blackmarket on the side.
Viktoria also lives with the guilt of helplessly watching her mother die
(in a road accident). Consequently, these experiences have turned
Viktoria's heart cold in that she avoids emotional involvement.So here it is, some eight years later, and Viktoria is on the
boardwalk with her friends Alicia [Amy Jo Johnson] and Darius [Jon Huertas] when they are suddenly
confronted by Chas [Christopher Wiehl], Viktoria's ex and one of those bad*ss vampires. Chas
is still P.O.ed at Viktoria and coldcocks her right then and there. From
the background comes a voice, "Watch your back, Chuck." Turns out that the
voice belongs to a new guy named Seth [Robert Floyd] who happens upon Viktoria the next
night as she walks along the beach. Seth is from Philadelphia, but he is
vacationing with four of his fraternity brothers — Kevin, Scott, Kinka,
and Danny. Seth does not shirk from confrontation with Chas and his
"horsemen" — R.P., John Luke, Duncan, and Connor — like everyone else in
town and seems to have taken on the job of acting as Viktoria's Sir
Lancelot.At the moment, however, Viktoria has other problems. Alicia is
anorexic, and Viktoria has to take her some medicine. Alicia's medicine
turns out to be a vial of blood. Only recently turned (by R.P.), Alicia
hates being a vampire and refuses to feed. Drinking the blood from the
vial makes her feel even worse, so Viktoria slits her own wrist and lets
Alicia drink from her arm. Meanwhile, Seth is hoping to meet up again with
Viktoria. Remembering that she mentioned working at a sunglasses store, he
stops at the only sunglasses shop on the boardwalk and asks for her. The
salesgirl doesn't know of any Viki that works there, but Chas overhears
Seth's question and confronts him. After exchanging insults, Chas invites
Seth to join his group, and they go off together to smoke some dope. The
insults keep flying until Connor challenges Seth, but Seth effortlessly
gives Connor a wedgie and kicks him to the ground. [Hmmmm, is there
something fishy about Seth?]The next night, Seth runs into Viktoria, Alicia, and Darius on the
boardwalk, and Alicia and Darius get lost so that Viktoria and Seth can be
together. While Seth and Viktoria walk along the beach, Chas runs into
Darius and Alicia. Chas mesmerizes Darius into going home and then
mesmerizes Alicia into joining him and his horsemen. Chas takes Alicia on
a killing spree. When Alicia finds out what Chas has made her do, she is
distraught. The next day, she sits in the sun. Viktoria finds Alicia
frying to a crisp, and she disintegrates right before Viktoria's eyes.
That evening, Viktoria and Darius scatter Alicia's dust into the ocean.After a pep talk from Uncle Joe, in which he advises Viktoria that
the best way to keep from getting a cold heart is to "keep it warm",
Viktoria pays a visit to Seth. After sharing a glass of wine, the two end
up talking openly to each other. Viktoria tells Seth that Alicia is dead,
and Seth tells Viktoria about his girlfriend Sarah and how she was
attacked and killed by a "huge grey shape" while they were hiking together
in the Appalachians. The next day, as Seth is watching the sun go down
along the beach, John Luke catches up with him and warns him that Chas is
looking to kill him. A bit later that evening, just after Seth and
Viktoria run into each other on the boardwalk, Chas and his horsemen come
looking for Seth. Chas challenges Seth to a fight and shows his fangs.
Seth agrees to the fight but not before changing into a werewolf. They
tear at each other for a while. Just as it looks like Chas has gotten the
upper hand, Viktoria rips out his heart. As Chas disintegrates, she looks
around for Seth, but he has disappeared.The next day, Viktoria puts on her sunglasses and goes looking for
Seth. His friends are packing up their car to leave town, and they tell
her that Seth has already left. Viktoria goes home, only to find Seth
sitting on her porch. They thank each other for being there, and they kiss.
[Original Synopsis by bj_kuehl.]

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