Committed (2011) (TV) Watch Full Movie Free Online

Committed (2011) (TV) (2011)

image Committed (2011) (TV) Watch Full Movie Free Online

Dr. Dupont arrives at a mental facility to apply for a staff position. World famous Dr. Quilly interviews her, and has her sign papers. She is thrilled to get the job, and is shown her room. However, confusion with her room being on the same floor as the patients’ soon turns to panic as she is told that she is a “guest”- not a doctor, and the papers she signed were not job forms, but commitment papers.

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01h 25m 17 April 2011 60 views

  • Original title: Committed (2011) (TV) (2011)
  • Release date: 17 April 2011 (USA)
  • Director: Norma Bailey
  • Genre: Thriller
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