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Cut Off (2006)

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Cut off by her wealthy father, a young woman talks her boyfriend into robbing a check cashing spot. Things don’t quite work out for the couple, however, who are now being pursued by the cops.

Accustomed to having whatever she wants from her wealthy father Patricia Barton (Amanda Brooks) finds herself having to fend for herself when she is cut off financially from the family funds. When her druggie boyfriend Pauly (Thomas Ian Nicholas) suggest they rob a check-cashing store it seems Amanda's money problems may be over, but the job goes wrong and Amanda kills a Security Guard. With the Police closing in and Pauly wounded Amanda hijacks an EMS Ambulance carrying wounded drug dealer Joker (Karupt) but only manages to get to a remote location where some quick thinking will be necessary to insure her escape. During many phone calls to her parents Amanda pleads for assistance but sees that her family life has formed certain attitudes in her and that she must make a terrible choice if she is to survive. Through a series of shoot-outs and desperate attempts to insure that her wounded boy friend gets medical attention Amanda orchestrates a series of actions that cause the entire police force to initiate a pursuit for her.

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