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Diamonds to Dust (2014)

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In 1957, Golden Globe winner Jayne Mansfield would become one of the most iconic blond bombshells of the 20Th Century. She possessed an IQ of 163, played violin and piano at a concert level, had a degree in Science, spoke 5 languages fluently, and yet became a celebrity by portraying a ‘dumb blond.’ By the age of 23 she became the most publicized Hollywood star in the world, but her success was short lived. Five children, three ex-husbands, countless love affairs, and addictions to diet pills and booze took its toll on Mansfield, and in 1967 a grisly car accident ended her life. This film features many of Jayne Mansfield’s personal items, and focuses on the turbulent final years of the troubled star’s career.

ne Mansfield was one of the biggest International stars in the world. Her career spanned from 1955-1967, she was the most publicized woman in the world in 1957. This film starts when she is already at her career peak, and follows it as society changed in the 1960's with the death of Marilyn Monroe. Jayne Married three times and had 5 children and she had to support everyone which led her to rebel and rebound with alcohol and men. Jayne's life started at 15 with the birth of her first daughter and marriage to Paul Mansfield. Jayne never had time to enjoy her adolescent years and had to be responsible when she left her husband at age 20. Jayne became a star very quickly and peaked very early in her career which sent her searching for career, relationship, and substance highs. Addicted by the studio to ups and downs for weight loss and sleep, attributed to her erratic behavior and hormonal madness from childbirth. Jayne consistently searched for a love that was unquenchable. This film shows Jayne touring all over the world, and how her disappointments caught up with her emotionally and physically which affected her judgment and in the end brought her to her early death. This film dispels the myth of her beheading, her rumored involvement with the church of Satan and many other untruths that have haunted her family for years after her death in an auto accident in 1967. This film is based on true events.

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