Family blames Jill Messick’s suicide on Harvey Weinstein scandal

image Family blames Jill Messick’s suicide on Harvey Weinstein scandal

Rose McGowan had recently said that Jill Messick, who was her manager at the time, failed to support her fight against Harvey Weinstein and then took a job with him…..

Jill Messick, who served as a manufacturer on movies which include Frida and child Mama, has taken her own lifestyles, her own family said in a assertion Thursday. The mom of two died Wednesday in l. a.. She become 50.

Messick have been recognized with bipolar disease and struggled with despair for years, the own family said. however introduced that she additionally were distraught from the current highlight on her after details emerged on alleged sexual misconduct by using Harvey Weinstein, pronouncing she “have become collateral harm in an already horrific tale.”

Actress Rose McGowan says Weinstein raped her at the Sundance movie festival in 1997. She these days stated that Messick, who was her manager on the time, failed to aid her fight towards Weinstein and then took a job with him.

Messick’s own family says McGowan suggested the incident to her without calling it rape, however that Messick, knowing some thing irrelevant if now not illegal had happened, mentioned it to her senior bosses months before she went to paintings below Weinstein at Miramax.

Weinstein’s legal professionals quoted from an e mail from Messick to defend him final month. the e-mail said that McGowan informed Messick she consensually got right into a hot tub with Weinstein and later regretted it. Weinstein has denied the rape allegations.

The family stated Messick chose not to come forward and shield herself for worry of undermining other girls from coming ahead on the problem.

“She opted now not to add to the feeding frenzy, permitting her name and her popularity to be sullied no matter having performed not anything incorrect,” the announcement said.

but she suffered although in silence, the circle of relatives said.

“Seeing her call in headlines over and over … along with Harvey’s desperate try to vindicate himself, became devastating for her,” the assertion said.

After-hours messages left with representatives seeking comment from Weinstein and McGowan have been not right away again.

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