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For Love or Money (1993)

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Doug is a young man who works all day as a concierge at a luxurious hotel, saving money to make his own business. Unfortunately, when he finds the financial supporter he needs, he discovers that his “savior” is having an affair with the woman he loves. Now, he must choose between money and love.

Doug Ireland was a concierge in Bradbury hotel after graduated from University. His dream is to own his own hotel. He decided to earn more money and serve customers well. He was being liked by customers and bosses. One day, a client showed a lady (Andy-Gabrielle Anwar) to Doug , ask Doug to look after Andy as the client had wife and have to stay with wife. Andy think that Doug was only for money and so ignore Doug herself. When leaving Andy, Doug found that he began to love Andy, and this time he must grab Andy back to himself.One day, Andy found out that her boyfriend was trying to fraud and take all Doug's money, she ran to Doug and force Doug not to sign the contract.Hotel and Andy, which would Doug select?Finally … both andy and doug…

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01h 36m 1 October 1993 30 views

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