Frostbite (2005) (V) Watch Full Movie Free Online

Frostbite (2005) (V) (2005)

image Frostbite (2005) (V) Watch Full Movie Free Online

Slacker Billy Wagstaff leaves his Venice Beach home and travels to Pine Mountain after being accepted into a snowboarding academy. Upon arriving, Billy and his childhood friend, Casey, find themselves in the middle of a local feud between the egotistical mountain owner, Colonel Jaffe, and the misfit locals led by activist J.P. Millhouse and coffee shop owner Naomi Bucks. Billy sets his signs on snowboarding, but when he’s booted from the academy he teams up with the so-called “poorees” to get even with Colonel Jaffe’s group of “richies.”

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01h 23m 15 February 2005 46 views

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  • Original title: Frostbite (2005) (V) (2005)
  • Release date: 15 February 2005 (USA)
  • Director: Jonathan Schwartz
  • Genre: Comedy
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