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God Is the Bigger Elvis (2012)

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Dolores Hart left a successful Hollywood acting career to become a nun. A true story.

This documentary short film is about the life of , the Hollywood actress who abandoned her career and became a nun in 1963. Hart describes her surprise at how "Hollywood chose her" out of many. She currently lives at the Regina Laudis Benedictine abbey in Bethlehem, Connecticut, the only one of its kind in the United States. Hart, now a prioress, tends to her birds and peruses some fan letters, which reference her roles in films like , in which she starred alongside . She discusses her career, which she calls "wonderful," and which included further roles alongside the likes of . At the abbey, a man visits seeking her counsel, and she talks about the importance of giving others hope even in dark times. She explains that she was born to teenage parents and her childhood was "unstable," but she believed that her faith would "heal everything" and prayed for a career in acting. While performing in a play on Broadway in 1958, she visited the Regina Laudis abbey and quickly grew to love the place, seeking guidance from the mother superior about her career and whether working in show business was in conflict with her religion. The mother superior reassured her and she left with a "sense of peace," and though she went on to star in more films and receive contract offers, she continued thinking about the abbey and the "true communion with God" that it offered.Other nuns talk about their experience at the abbey and their "spousal commitment with Jesus," referring to the establishment as a "powerhouse of prayer." Many of the sisters had romantic partners in the past, and a Sister John Mary explains that she once worked in the corporate world and struggled with addictions to drugs and alcohol before finding Alcoholics Anonymous and joining the convent. Hart then discusses her relationship with Don Robinson, who proposed on their first date. Their engagement became a "big deal" because of her fame, but she admits she had not resolved her thoughts about the abbey, and eventually decided to join and forego the relationship, much to Robinson's sadness. When she joined in 1963, she was considered a "lightweight" by the other nuns and experienced periods of loneliness and mandated isolation as a novice before settling in. Another nun, Sister Alma Egger, describes the convent as "another dimension" and explains that the mother superior made the odd choice to task her with the care of a llama to cement her commitment to the abbey. Other members seek out Hart's advice and explain why they joined the abbey, inspired in part by Hart's outreach and work with young people. They explain how they felt called to the convent and demonstrated their vows with a symbolic haircut. One woman explains that their sexuality is not limited or denied despite their vows of celibacy, saying that their use of music and singing is a fulfilling "physical union." Robinson visits Hart, as he has done for 47 years, admitting that he has never gotten over her but has accepted her choice, and that the love between them is still very strong.

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