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He Snoops to Conquer (1945)

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George Gribble (George Formby) works for the local council as an odd job man in the small, industrial town of Tangleton. When two newspaper reporters arrive in town to research an article on town planning George seems to be the only person at work. He gives them a guided tour of the town, only for them to write a highly critical article emphasizing the fact that the council leader lives alone in a huge mansion while George shares a house with 13 other people. The council orders Gribble to conduct an opinion poll, but he ends up surveying the entire population of the town – who want change to improve their lot to the detriment of the town leaders business interests.

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01h 43m 8 January 1945 8 views

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  • Original title: He Snoops to Conquer (1945)
  • Release date: 8 January 1945 (UK)
  • Director: Marcel Varnel
  • Genre: Comedy
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