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Her Best Move (2007)

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The story of high school soccer prodigy Sara Davis as she juggles life, love and sports on her way to becoming the youngest player ever selected to the U.S. National Team. Conflicts arise as Sara deals with her over-zealous sports dad, a free-spirited boyfriend and her hectic existence in the social quicksand commonly known as high school. Blends comedy, romance, and soccer footage.

15-year-old female soccer prodigy Sara Davis (Leah Pipes) has the chance to join the U.S. National Team, but she must find a balance with high school, romance, sports, and parental pressure while realizing her own priorities. High school life is crazy enough, but for Sara, it's about to escalate. A national calibre soccer prospect with skills honed by her father Gil (Scott Patterson), a women's soccer coach, Sara has sacrificed her interest in dance, photography and of course boys to concentrate on her sport. With the encouragement of best friend Tutti (Lalaine), Sara begins a growing relationship with Josh (Drew Bell), the cute but shy photographer on the school newspaper, and learns more about herself each day. As National Team scouts watch her every shot, Sara faces the challenge of discovering her true self, so she can make the best move of her life.

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