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Höre die Stille (2016)

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A group of German soldiers become stranded in a German-Russian village of women and children during WWII.

Ukrainia – October 1941 – A small group of scattered German soldiers occupies a beautiful little settlement of Russia-Germans. There are only about a dozen women, a few children and old people left in the village, who welcome the Nazi soldiers happily as "liberators", hopefully getting rescued from the impending Russian deportation.Even the young Nazi soldiers appear to be ordinary human beings with a civilian past, joking and fooling around. Both groups peacefully get closer and become nearly friends.But then there happens an assault: a young woman gets killed by the Nazi officer, and in return the officer gets killed in self-defense by another settler. Now the situation changes, the villagers and the former seemingly friendly German soldiers start to torture and execute each other. Like in a counting-out rhyme, one by one of both sides drops down dead.Soldiers and civilians become cruel and brutal killers, committing crimes they surely won't tell their grandchildren…

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