Kwonsoonboon yeoja nabchisageon Watch Full Movie Free Online

Kwonsoonboon yeoja nabchisageon (2007)

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Mrs. Kwon has spent a lifetime transforming a small homemade soup business into an empire. Now a retiring millionaire, she’s divvied up most of her wealth among her children and is enjoying her life as an independent, tech-savvy granny. A band of less-than-professional criminals kidnaps her in the hope of making an easy fortune, but their naïve plan goes wrong when the family of their difficult hostage is reluctant to pay the modest $50,000 ransom. Infuriated by this, Mrs. Kwon takes matters into her own hands and leads the pack in hatching the biggest kidnap plot in Korea. Will she and her kidnappers be able to get their hands on the 50 million dollar ransom?

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0h 0m 12 September 2007 12 views

  • Original title: Kwonsoonboon yeoja nabchisageon (2007)
  • Release date: 12 September 2007 (South Korea)
  • Director: Sang-Jin Kim
  • Genre: Comedy
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