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L.A. Heat (1989)

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Detective Jon Chance always dreamed of being a cowboy hero, living by the “code of the West.” He always pictured himself as an exemplary hero who always felt that the use of guns was not a necessity. However, Chance needs to stop dreaming. He must return back to reality! Chance’s assignment (and he has no choice but to accept it) is to capture this mean faced drug dealer called Clarence. This assignment has escalated into a personal vendetta for this vice detective when Chance’s partner, Carl is murdered by this nefarious drug dealer during a routine drug bust. A drug war will soon ensue between Clarence, who is trying to retrieve his drugs and money, and the police…

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0h 0m February 1989 84 views

  • Original title: L.A. Heat (1989)
  • Release date: February 1989 (USA)
  • Director: Joseph Merhi
  • Genre: Action
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