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Lila (1968)

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A topless dancer attracts, seduces, then murders the men she sleeps with. She does it with a twist, however; she kills them with garden tools.

Lila, a topless dancer in a nightclub, picks up males customers and takes them to a warehouse for strange sexual trysts in th eerie light of flickering candles. One night, Lila picks up Tiger, a young hippie, who introduces her to LSD. After taking a pill, a bunch of bananas appear to her in place of Tiger's head and she goes berserk, stabbing him in the back with a screwdriver and scattering his mutilated remains over a vacant lot. Shaken by her actions, but having gotten off on the "rush" of killing, Lila decides to do it again to get that "fix".The next night, Lila picks up another man, a psychologist, who becomes her next victim. After taking more "acid" and "tripping" again, Lila sees him as a surgeon, poised over her with a hypodermic needle, and she stabs him with the screwdriver.Lila's next victim is a pickup truck driver, who accompanies her to the warehouse intent on rape. Caught off-guard by his sexual attack against her, Lila, takes more LSD and during a vicious struggle, she kills the truck driver with a hoe and scatters his remains over the vacant lot.All in the meantime, the police, led by Sergeant Collins, suspects a madman is doing this recent rash of killings. Collins trace telltale bloodstains to the vacant warehouse. When Lila arrives with another customer, the police belive they have found their man. Lila's latest lover is a local thug who carries a gun, which appears to her as a giant incect. As the man reaches for his gun, the police shoot and kill the innocent man. Only when the berserk Lila begins to hack the dead man's body into pieces do the police realize that she is the mass murderer.

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