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Madeo (2009)

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A mother lives quietly with her twenty-eight-year-old son, Do-joon, providing herbs and acupuncture to neighbors. One day, a girl is brutally murdered, and Do-joon is charged with the killing. Now, it’s his mother’s call whether to prove him innocent or to leave him imprisoned.

When Do-jun, a young man who is mentally handicapped, is falsely accused of murder, there is nothing his mother will not do to save him. This is the story of the movie Mother, starring Won Bin (Do-jun) and Kim Hye-ja (the mother). Do-jun has beautiful deer-like eyes and is happy just running around with a stick. Even though everyone else might dismiss him, Do-jun is the center of his mothers world, and she never stops worrying about him. Then one day, her worst nightmare comes true, and Do-jun is arrested. Through the mothers unrelenting fight to prove her sons innocence, Bong Jun-hos beautiful and moving film shows that a mothers love has no bounds.

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