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Nanhe Jaisalmer: A Dream Come True (2007)

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Nanhe Jaisalmer lives a poor lifestyle in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, along with his mom, Sarla, and sister, Suman. His father took advantage of Sarla’s illiteracy, sold their property and absconded, leaving the trio to live a near-destitute life. When he was four he was cast in a movie starring Bobby Deol. This minor role did have a major impact on his life and he became obsessed with Bobby so much so that he had Suman write to him regularly as well as collected posters and photographs and hung them on the walls of his tiny bedroom. Six years later he is now a tourist guide, able to converse in Italian, German, French, and English, even though he neglected to attend school, instead spent all his spare time watching Bobby’s movies, and became the main bread-earner for his family. He instantly gives his approval to Badal (a movie title starring Bobby) who wants to wed Suman. Nanhe is thrilled when he finds out that a Bobby will be appearing in ‘Yaar’ which is scheduled to be filmed in Jaisalmer and Barmer. One day while traveling on his camel, Raja, he comes to the rescue of none other than Bobby himself whose car was stuck in the sand dunes. He is thrilled when Bobby recognizes him, and they continue to meet secretly. Bobby encourages him to study, overcome a bully, Maggoo, as well as become a better person. When invitations are sent out for Suman’s wedding, he gives one to Bobby, who promises to also attend the ceremony. The wedding takes place but Bobby neglects to keep his promise leaving a much disappointed Nanhe to figure out the reason(s) behind Bobby’s absence.

Nanhe (Dwij Yadav) is the self-proclaimed best camel jockey in all of Jaisalmer. Only ten years old, he can speak a myrad of languages and has won the hearts of all the tourists who visit Jaisalmer. But who has won Nanhe's heart? His best friend, the actor Bobby Deol. No one believes that Bobby Deol is Nanhe's friend. When Nanhe's "sab se acha dost" (best friend) finally comes to Jaisalmer on a 30 day movie shoot, Nanhe's wish is fulfilled, to finally meet his long-lost friend and he learns a lesson on how to use his most powerful utility, his brain.

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  • Original title: Nanhe Jaisalmer: A Dream Come True (2007)
  • Release date: 14 September 2007 (India)
  • Director: Samir Karnik
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family
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