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Resisting Enemy Interrogation (1944)

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The five man crew of an American bomber shot down over Italy arrive at a German interrogation station named Dulag Luft. Although reminded to provide only their name, rank and serial number, the new POWs quickly fall prey to the cunning tricks and non-violent interrogation techniques of their Nazi captors and beginning providing seemingly harmless information, which is quickly and cleverly pieced together to become valuable military intelligence. The Germans are excellent at identifying the weakness of each prisoner and selecting the interrogation techniques most suitable for that particular prisoner, like buddying up to the friendly, further scaring those already scared, and prodding the braggarts into boasting about American capabilities and intended actions.

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01h 10m January 1945 7 views

  • Original title: Resisting Enemy Interrogation (1944)
  • Release date: January 1945 (USA)
  • Genre: Drama, War
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