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Rocket Science (2007)

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Coming of age in Plainsboro, New Jersey. High school student Hal Hefner stutters. On the evening his parents stop arguing and separate, 43 miles away at the state tournament, his school’s legendary debater, Ben Wekselbaum, goes blank mid-sentence, Ben’s teammate Ginny Ryerson doesn’t get a first-place trophy, and the world changes. That fall, to Hal’s amazement, Ginny recruits him for the debate team, mentors him, and will be his partner. He still has his stutter, but he works hard and he falls in love with Ginny. On the day of the first debate of the season, the world changes again. From then until the day of the state tournament, Hal has a lot to sort out. Is love rocket science?

Functioning 'Midst Dysfunctional: Hal Hefner [Reece Thompson] keeps trying to function in a dysfunctional family. His parents have separated; his Mom Juliet [Lisbet Bartlett] periodically moves in a lover [Judge Pete, as played by Steve Park] and his son Heston [Aaron Yoo]; and Hals angry, violent older brother Earl [Vincent Piazza] could be semi-certified as a Misfit. It is thus no great surprise that Hal has turned into a high-schooler who stutters both verbally and emotionally. He is not so much looking for answers to life's big questions as looking for answers to ANY questions. Meeting top-notch Debating Team star Ginny [Anna Kendrick] gives him a REASON to try to improve his life. He is not always successful at his attempts (one of which is joining the Debating team at Ginnys insistence), but his WILLINGNESS to start making really sincere EFFORTS to improve is what is important.

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  • Original title: Rocket Science (2007)
  • Release date: 28 September 2007 (USA)
  • Director: Jeffrey Blitz
  • Genre: Comedy, Drama
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