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Starrbooty (2007)

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Supermodel goes undercover as a hooker to rescue her niece from an evil body parts broker.

When secret agent Starrbooty's neice Cornisha gets kidnapped by cosmetics company owner-slash-terrorist-slash-brothel owner Annaka Manners, she must go undercover as a prostitute to infiltrate Annaka's headquarters and come to the rescue.In other words:
The one and only Supermodel of the World RuPaul stars in Starrbooty, a sex-filled, riotously funny, jaw-droppingly crude, and down-n-dirty send-up of secret agent blaxploitation flicks that features some big porn star cock cameos. RuPaul isStarrbooty, a top (well, actually a bottom as you'll soon discover) secret ops agent who is plunged into chaos when her niece is kidnapped by long-time nemesis and fellow indulger of flawless skin and skin-tight couture, Annaka Manners (Candis Cayne). It seems that Miss Not-So-Nice Manners has a devious plot to snatch hookers off the street so that she can cut 'em up and sell 'em off one piece at a time. Starrbooty is forced to go "undercover ho" to rescue her niece… and her own true identity. Directed by hunky photographer and actor Mike Ruiz (that's him on the cover of Latin Boys Go to Hell), the hell-raising Starrbooty is stuffed and tucked with some of the most outrageously twisted set pieces you'll see this year. Highlights include a priest with a penchant for yanking his "rosary" while inhaling freshly expelled air biscuits, Starrbooty taking it up the wazoo from her boss, Max (a very naked Gus Mattox), explicit full-on frontal pleasures from Michael Lucas and Owen Hawk and a demented Lady Bunny unleashing her "inner beauty" in a scene certain to cause horrified howls of laughter. Truth be told, the too-closely shot hand held camerawork during the fight scenes requires the viewer to take a huge hit of Dramamine┬« to keep up with it, some of the jokes are groan-inducing, and a lil' bit of judicious editing could have kept the flick moving at a better clip. But make no mistake – Starrbooty is RuPaul's show all the way, and the forever Supermodel of the World delivers on all counts. Filled with references to iconic films; mad-fierce outfits, wigs and makeup; scatological humor (literally!); a wicked soundtrack; and plenty of exposed he-man flesh rods, Starrbooty is a fried, dyed and laid to the side-splitting kick-ass good time. Hello.

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