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The Vanishing Private (1942)

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Private Duck is a camouflage painter. He paints a giant cannon with some very gaudy colors, until Sergeant Pete explains that the point is to make it so the cannon can’t be seen. Donald finds a bucket of experimental invisible paint and makes the cannon disappear. Pete isn’t happy with this, and knocks Donald into the paint, then chases him, until he runs into the general. As Pete tries to explain, Donald prods him with a cactus, then goes off to steal some pies. Eventually, Pete goes berserk and starts throwing grenades willy-nilly and gets in more trouble with the general.

Donald is in the Army, and assigned as a camouflage painter. However, his painting treatment of a gun turret catches the eye of Sergeant Pete. The paint job makes the turret stand out like a sore thumb, and Pete demands Donald paint the turret 'so noone can see it.'Donald then goes for more paint, and upon looking around, finds one that renders whatever is painted with it, invisible. Donald takes the special paint, and begins to paint up the turret. It works so well, that even Pete can't believe it. However, due to a mishap, Donald ends up doused in the paint, and now being invisible, begins to have a little fun.Pete tries to find Donald, first by throwing flower petals hoping to find him. Soon, his paranoia gets the better of him, and he begins to lob grenades around. Pete almost endangers a General, and when Pete explains he's looking for 'a little man who you can't see,' he's locked up for being crazy. Of all things, Donald (now visible) is assigned to guard Pete, who pleads with Donald to tell the General that he's not crazy.

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