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Truant Officer Donald (1941)

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Donald catches his nephews swimming on a school day. He thinks he’s made an easy catch, but the boys are much more resourceful than that. When he tries to smoke them out of their clubhouse, they put three roast turkeys in their bed and dress one boy as an angel.

Huey, Dewey, and Louie are down at the old swimming hole. Unknown to them, they happen to catch the eye of Truant Officer Donald. Donald apprehends the boys, and places them in the back of a make-shift paddywagon, of which the holding pen is a cardboard box. As Donald extols the values of good education, the nephews make an escape from the cardboard box. Donald soon finds out, and chases them to their clubhouse.The boys slam the door on him, and Donald tries all sorts of methods to get into the clubhouse. When conventional methods seem to fail, he starts a fire, intending to smoke them out. The boys decide to prank Donald, taking 3 roast turkey, and placing them in a nearby bed, wearing their hats.When Donald comes into the clubhouse and sees the turkeys, he assumes the worst. As he sobs at the foot of the bed, one of the boys is lowered from a hole in the ceiling, dressed as an angel. Demanding Donald bend over to accept his punishment, Donald complies, and the nephew kicks him in the behind. A second kick does not go over as well, and the nephew falls on top of Donald, exposing the ruse.Donald then apprehends the boys, and with a rope tied to all three, marches them to the schoolhouse…only to find that the school is closed for the summer holidays.

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