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Veritas, Prince of Truth (2007)

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Kern has to fight an evil menace that could destroy the earth when Veritas, his favorite comic book hero, comes to life and seeks his help.

The adventure begins when Kern, a misfit adolescent who escapes into a world of comic book heroes, is challenged to become a hero himself. The 14-year-old is one of the last believers in truth and justice in the demolished inner city of Los Angeles. Kern and his best friend, Mouse, are avid comic books readers whose favorite fictional hero is Veritas, Prince of Truth. Unfortunately, the lack of readership is causing the demise of the comic book. Cancellation of the magazine however cannot go unchallenged by Veritas who decides to prevent his main adversary, Nemisii, from destroying his comic book world by entering the real world. He selects Kern to guide and assist him on his quest. Mouse and Kern find ways to help Veritas adjust to the real world in his search for the Biocode needed to rescue his planet. Marty, Kerns mother, soon discovers the plot and is reluctant to believe the outrageous story. Veritas, however, convinces her of his honesty and plight and the four of them set out on a quest to save Veritas world, and find truth for themselves along the way.

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