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What Happened Last Night (2016)

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As a college senior, Sarah (Alix Kermes) suffers from a broken heart after her boyfriend cheats on her and leaves her. Across campus, Danny (Clayton Snyder) is mending a broken heart of his own after his girlfriend slept with one of his fraternity brothers. While their roommates are having fun with debauchery and sexual promiscuity, Sarah and Danny stay in their respective apartments never to look for love again thanks to the infidelities of their exes. But when their roommates both independently convince them to head to the Gamma Bash with Tiny (David Otunga), Liz (Shelley Regner) Melanie (Amber Rose), and Joe (Cody Calafiore), they realize that college is not only about hot sex and drunken nights. When Sarah and Danny wake up in bed next to each other, they both ask the question… What happened last night?

SARAH DAWSON (Alix Kermes) is a college senior getting over a broken heart. Her boyfriend, DAVE (Jake Thomas), cheated on her and dumped her for someone else. Sarah has been a hermit for the past month, much to the chagrin of her roommate and best friend, MINDY MARTZ (Diana Durango). Mindy challenges Sarah to a bet where whomever has the most drinks brought to her throughout the night by different guys wins; Loser has to do the dishes for two weeks.Across campus, senior DANNY BARKER (Clayton Snyder) is nursing a broken heart of his own. Two weeks have passed since he found out that his girlfriend, MEGAN DECATUR (Lauren C. Mayhew), slept with one of his Gamma Pi Omicron brothers, and withstood a very messy breakup. Dannys roommate, fraternity brother and best friend, JOE CROSBY (Cody Calafiore), attempts to help him get over Megan by convincing him to attend their last Gamma Bash.Joe leaves Danny to make some phone calls while he heads to the Gamma House to watch a football game with brothers ALAN (Andrew Rogers), JAY (Brian Tyler Cohen), RICK (David Eggers II) and pledge FRESHIE (Austin Davis). Freshie reminisces about growing up in Iowa, much to the disgust of the other brothers. Joe arranges a beer-for-beer night between Gamma Pi Omicron pledge FRESHIE and all of the other Gamma Pi Omicron brothers that will be at the Gamma Bash. Freshie agrees, as long as he can drink a milk chaser after each beer.Mindy and LIZ (Shelley Regner) meet up at the local hang out and talk about Sarah. DEE-DEE (Natasha Coppola-shalom), the waitress there, tells Mindy that Dave is at the bar, flirting with LAILA (Rebecca Boughton). Mindy sets Dave up for humiliation, culminating with TINY (David Otunga) removing Dave from the bar. Liz nags Mindy to make sure that Sarah attends the Gamma Bash.While their roommates are having fun elsewhere, Sarah and Danny stay in their respective apartments and get on different phone calls. Both confide in a family member how they are fine with the single life, although the audience can tell that they arent telling the truth. Danny and Sarah are both sad and depressed, thanks to the infidelities of their exes.Right before the party, both Danny and Sarah decide that they arent going to the Gamma Bash. Mindy and Joe, however, both convince their friends to attend and at least try to have a good time. They walk across campus to the Gamma House, and their paths cross.Liz, Sarah and Mindy are waiting in line to get into the Gamma House. Liz insults Sarah, who leaves. Mindy follows Sarah and runs into Joe and Danny. Danny heads to the party while Joe helps Mindy look for Sarah. Once they find Sarah, they convince her to attend for an hour. Joe help Mindy and Sarah jump the long line to get into the party.Danny finds Freshie and begins to consume way too much beer. Freshie drinks an equal amount of beer, followed by a glass of milk. Danny is drunk by the time Joe finds him.Sarah is having a better time than Mindy, as several guys at the party have brought Sarah drinks and Mindy has had none. Sarah is drunk and hits on BRIAN Hannibal Miles), as per Mindys suggestion. Brian's girlfriend Chanelle (Rica de Ocampo) gets upset and throws a drink on Sarah. Mindy brings Sarah upstairs to change. Sarah passes out and Mindy puts her in a bed in one of the Gamma brothers bedrooms.Freshie has had enough milk and beer, and vomits on Danny. Danny and Joe go upstairs to change Danny into clean clothes. Danny passes out in the bed where Sarah is sleeping, but doesnt notice Sarah is in the bed on the other side.Joe and Mindy run into each other and discover that they accidently put their friends in the same bed. They conspire to let Danny and Sarah wake up next to each other, trying to figure out what happened the night before.

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