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Working Girls (2010)

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Continuing the tradition of national artist Ishmael Bernal’s benchmark film Working Girls after 25 years, Working Girls of 2010 depicts the role of women in the new millennium. Seven women of different backgrounds, stories and personalities entwined in a colorful story of family, love and life – Dr. Cleo Carillo (Eula Valdes) is a very well-known cosmetic surgeon to celebrities. Her clients include high profile beauty queens and socialites such as Marilou Cobarrubias (Ruffa Gutierrez) and Betchay Magbutay-Cavendish (Carmi Martin). She is successful in her field and enjoys being in the spotlight but her success is not without intrigues and lawsuits, something which is not new to her star client Marilou. Marilou Cobarubbias (Ruffa Gutierrez) started as a simple girl who was trained to be a beauty queen. She married an old business tycoon and eventually became a widow. But her husband’s daughter from his first wife, Amanda dela Vega, is determined to bring her down by arranging that she inherits nothing but a nearly-bankrupt business. She struggles to learn how to stand on her own, something which Tere Villanueva (Iza Calzado) has been doing since she was young. Tere is the ideal nurse: sweet, smart and caring to her patients. She becomes close to an old patient, Amelia Marcelino, and fears that she might end up like her facing the possibility of dying alone. She also suffers a lingering broken heart because of her failed relationship with her one great love, Leon (Jao Mapa). But as fate would have it, Tere is assigned a new patient, who happens to be Leon’s terminally-ill wife. Ada Villanueva (Jennylyn Mercado), Tere’s cousin, shares the same heartache and pain as Tere for rejecting the marriage proposal of the father of her child. And now, he is already engaged to someone else. She works hard as a call center agent to provide all the needs of her son but barely has enough time to personally look after and take care of him. Meanwhile, taking care of a child is nowhere near the priority of Dara dela Vega (Bianca King). Beautiful, sophisticated and educated in the US, she becomes too confident to the point of being arrogant. This brought upon the wrath and cold treatment from her co-workers. Tobz (Carlo Aquino), Ada’S colleague at the call center, is the boyfriend of an ambitious girl who claims that she is a successful and glamorous model – Wendy Casuga (Christine Reyes). She idolizes beautiful women who become high profile socialites, just like Marilou Cobarrubias. She is often seen in auditions and VTR’s to fulfill her dream of being famous Melvin (Antonio Aquitania) is the husband of Paula Cabigting (Eugene Domingo). Affected by the recession in the US, he came back in the Philippines jobless eventually becoming a bum. Paula works hard to manage her online business selling fake designer bags because she cannot even rely on her husband even just to drive for her when delivering goods to her customers. Because of that, she IS forced to hire a service vehicle, owned by Nelson Obleta (Ricky Davao). And a complicated relationship begins. Each with their own stories to tell, connected by coincidence or destiny, this is the story of seven lovely and highly-entertaining working girls. Strong, independent and driven to succeed, they are also women who just want to be understood and loved.

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